Massage Services

Sports Massage

Sports Massage has become popular because athletes and trainers alike have noticed the many benefits, not only to enhance sports performance, but to also prevent injury and to facilitate the rebuilding phase of conditioning.  

Massage therapy aids in muscle recovery and post game pain, sports-related injuries from sprains, strains, shin splints, IT band; to preparation and recovery for events like marathons to golf tournaments.


Whiplash/Car Accidents

Injury is associated with an acceleration and then deceleration impact that whips the body. This can cause a variety of injuries from soft tissue damage such as muscle tears, ligament strains, and inflammation, to nerve damage, joint subluxations, and concussions.

This can be caused by sports injuries, work related impacts or car vehicular collisions. Massage is used to help control and alleviate muscle stiffness and pain, decrease inflammations, improve affected ranges of motion, improve joint mobility, and aid in decreasing or eliminating signs and symptoms related to a car accident.


Postural/Work Related Pain

The body is not designed to sit for 8 (or more!) hours a day. Many of us have jobs that require hours and hours of sitting, often without good ergonomics. This can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Maegan addresses pain and postural dysfunction and provides ergonomic changes to ensure long-term effect from the treatment.


Chronic Pain/Autoimmune Pathologies

The treatment plan for these conditions are long-term. Treatments address compensatory issues, daily function and activities, pain management/reduction, and stress management.


Baby Massage

Massage for infants can help with digestion, gas, coordination, neuromuscular integration, and can aid in sleep. Infant massage can either be provided by Maegan, or taught to the parents; this can also increase connection and bonding between parent and child.

The benefits of baby massage have been shown to have long-term, positive effects when provided regularly.


Pre/Post Natal Massage

A variety of modalities can be used to help with changes the body goes through during and after pregnancy, as well as helping to maintain the ability to continue with exercise. Massage Therapy helps with back, neck and pelvis pain related to the softening of ligaments and the accommodation of the body for the baby.

Massage can help to prepare the body for delivery, and with returning to homeostasis afterwards. Pre- or postnatal massage can be used to address a pregnancy-related issue, general pain and discomfort, or for relaxation and rest. Maegan has experience with high risk pregnancies, and is able to provide safe and effective treatments.


Geriatric Massage

As the body ages and the systems of the body start to slow, there is often a decrease in mobility and function in the elderly population. This can cause decrease in muscle tone, stability, and range of motion leading to a variety of problems. When these problems are left unaddressed or ignored, it can result in pain, loss of independence, and loss of muscle tone.

Using various modalities and home care regimes, massage therapy helps to address some of these issues including pain, increase mobility and range of motion, stability, and increased quality of life.


Massage Therapy Association

For a full list of pathologies and conditions treated by all Registered Massage Therapists, please consult the massage therapy association website.