What Clients Have to Say

Michael Marcia

In my experience with Maegan, her attention to myofascia release brings an added benefit to how I perform physically day to day.  I enjoy cross-fitness training, boxercise, and yoga, and with the relief Maegan is able to provide for my muscle soreness and tension, I am able to enjoy exercise more and more often.

I’ve been to other RMTs who's approach to massage therapy have come across as only relaxing but not healing.  I prefer to see Maegan because the approach is more therapeutic and taps into what the body needs.

Zella J.

I am very grateful to Maegan for her part in my healing process. She inspires a feeling of safety where deep healing can happen. Maegan has I believe, specialized skills and intuitiveness. This combined with her attentiveness and thoughtful care result in very effective and healing treatments. The scar tissue work in particular has been so amazing for relieving pain and increasing mobility. Would love to see her every week!!

Stephanie Wood, EFT Practitioner

Maegan Chase brings her dedicated knowledge and keen interest of the body into every session. She has accurate intuition about what to treat. Having had many treatments with her, I have enjoyed our breezy rapport and my body has thanked her many times over for helping it recover from various stresses and strains.

Tara Hedrich, R.M.T

Maegan Chase, RMT has been an integral part of my pre/post surgical recovery on two separate occasions. Her knowledge and compassion through those difficult times was extremely helpful in getting back to function. As a Registered Massage Therapist myself, I never hesitate to refer my patients to Maegan when I think her skills can be of assistance, which I know she continually develops through post graduate courses. I highly, highly recommend Maegan for massage therapy treatment!
Kate D., Veterinary Technician

Maegan is just amazing. The fascial work she does is gentle enough that I can handle it with my chronic pain, but effective enough that it makes a real, tangible difference in my pain levels and day to day mobility. Best of all, she really listens to me, and is super supportive and caring. I can't say enough good things about her!

Allison Sweet, RN

I started seeing Maegan for scar tissue release after my breast cancer surgery’s, chemo and radiation. Her technique and approach has helped me to get back my range of motion in my right arm and shoulder. Also, it has released some of the tightness I feel around my scars and helped maintained that decreased pulling. She is always mindful of my Lymphedema in my arm and hand, which her treatment plan has helped me with as well.”
Thank you Maegan!

Chris Corrado

I have been a loyal client of Maegen's for the last 3 years.  Prior to, I was referred to Maegen because I had been on leave from men's hockey for 4 years with several ailments.  As a result of Maegen's thoughtful and thorough treatments, that were carefully coordinated with my physio therapist and personal trainer, I not only returned to the game I love, I now play better than ever before!

Maegen's patient and careful approach, has enabled me to overcome many painful episodes that I have encountered through work, sport and fatherhood.  Maegen's caring interest in my well being as a client, has also given me inspiration to rehabilitate, when I felt demoralized by physical pain. No matter what setbacks seem to arise, Maegan has always found the right solution.

Deb K.

Scars from 3 past surgeries interefered with normal daily activities and movements, often resulting in pain. Different treatments had helped, but the one that restored my range of motion and posture was through the myofascial and scar tissue release techniques Maegan provided. Maegan, I didn't think more could be done after all this time and am so grateful to you!

Misha Butot BEd, MSW hospice counsellor/yoga teacher

I’ve received fascial, visceral and scar tissue work from Maegan related to a series of previous surgeries. She is knowledgeable, clear and compassionate, and her work is a beautiful blend of science and intuition. I have less pain, more functional motion, and an increased sense of internal freedom. I feel lucky to have been referred to her.

Sam Schechter, Professor

After a pretty bad car crash, I went to Maegan as part of my rehabilitative therapy. Her planned, professional approach, understanding of my other professional therapies, such as chiropractic care, and careful monitoring of my progress all were incredibly helpful, both in helping to manage my symptoms and also supporting my long-term recovery. I highly recommend Maegan to help with your own recovery.

Tracy P

I began seeing Maegan for neck, shoulder, and back pain. Her treatment focused on the use of fascial therapy to help reduce scar tissue restrictions that I had. Maegan has helped me immensely. I now have better posture, a better range of motion, and significantly less discomfort. I would highly recommend Maegan.


After years of shoulder discomfort post surgery including a lack in my range of motion and spasms, it was recommended I see Maegan for scar tissue work. Her scar tissue work has improved my shoulder significantly. I can now do things I wasn’t able to before without my shoulder spasming. She has magic hands and I can’t say enough about her ability to heal the body!

Lori C.

I’ve been a client of Maegan’s for over 2 years, and her knowledge of physiology and expertise as a massage therapist has resulted in great improvements for me.

She listens well and asks lots of questions to ensure that she has good understanding of the current concerns, is thorough in her hands-on work, and makes great suggestions for follow-up care. She is a dedicated professional, and makes a real difference.

Jasmin Jang

Maegan is definitely not your average massage therapist. She is above and beyond. Her expertise with the human body surpasses being just a therapist. I feel she is more a Holistic Practitioner that not only works on healing the patient but also teaching one to listen to what their bodies are telling them.

With magical hands and beautiful heart, I have had great success with my sessions with Maegan and would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking therapy for any ailment.

Andrew Wong, Translink Service Officer

Maegan is an amazing massage therapist. I have been seeing her since 2008 and I'm always coming out a better person after the sessions. She has a plethora of techniques that will be sure to fix you. I stay fit with running, cycling, and lifting weights. If it wasn't for her, I would not be able to keep as active as I do. Thank you Maegan!!

Sandra Ngai, Certified Management Accountant

I have been going to Maegan Chase occasionally for the last 3.5 years.  She has dealt with my numerous issues with sports injuries, car accident recovery and chronic work related body tension.  

It is amazing how she is able to get me back to full function which allows me to keep up with my long distance running.  Her friendly and humorous manner makes me want to return even when I have no aches or pains for her to deal with.  She is simply wonderful.

Gwen Hill, Project Coordinator





I have been a client of Maegan's for nearly a decade. Over the years Maegan has worked with me on everything from injury and accident recovery, to scar tissue and cranial alignment. Her treatment style is patient,methodical, and effective.

Whether I have a long term injury that needs repeated treatments, or a short term issue that can be addressed in a session or two, Maegan is always upfront and clear with what she recommends. I would highly recommend her.